Shipping and returns

The seller of the products in the online catalogue of the website is Aurigane S.r.l. with legal and operational headquarters in Via dell'Economia 32, 36100 Vicenza (VI)
Tax Code and VAT number: 02266500244 Registration in the Vicenza Company Register: VI-218753

Shipping methods, costs and times

All orders confirmed by the platform will be delivered to the address indicated by the buyer during the purchase. 

Orders will generally be despatched in 3-5 working days for standard products in the catalogue, while for personalized items the timing may change according to requests and the timeliness of their communication by the Customer.
In the vicinity of holidays or promotional periods, the delivery times of the couriers may be subject to delays beyond our control and for this reason Aurigane S.r.l. cannot be held responsible for it.

The despatch cost will be calculated when finalizing the order, and will depend on the place of delivery indicated by the Customer.
Shipping to the eurozone will be free for orders over € 49.00 except for disadvantaged destinations or with particularly high delivery costs (e.g. Islands).

The Customer will be notified via email as soon as the product leaves our warehouses and will be taken over by the courier for delivery.

The Customer will receive an e-mail from the GLS courier or DHL courier (the courier varies according to the country of destination), thanks to which they will be able to follow their delivery route, choose a different delivery date or a collection point where to send their product. 
When calculating delivery times, non-weekdays (Sundays, holidays and before a holiday) must be excluded.

If at the time of delivery by the GLS courier, the order holder is not present at the address indicated, the transport company in charge will make a further attempt at redelivery, after contacting by telephone. Failing this, they will deposit the goods in storage at its warehouses and will be at the Customer's expense to take action for collection within the following 7 days. 

GLS Green despatch

Aurigane S.r.l. is committed to providing environmentally friendly products and despatch solutions; for this reason it offers its customers the GLS delivery service which, thanks to the new Climate Protect environmental strategy, has the following features:

1. Regarding delivery by GLS truck: transport-related emissions are reduced thanks to the exclusive use of vehicles on wheels, with reduced emission classes and/or electrified (where possible) as an alternative to other despatch methods with higher emissions. This is not applicable to destinations for which there are no alternative despatch methods. The option may be subject to further exclusions.

2. Optimization of delivery routes: through an advanced planning software, the Courier receives the optimal and least polluting route every day for the deliveries to be made; moreover, the notice system and the possibility of booking hourly delivery is constantly evolving, with the aim of minimizing non-delivery. Lastly, the customer can choose from multiple delivery options, including collection from third-party points of sale that have an agreement with the Courier.

3. Emissions Offset Programme: the supplier calculates carbon footprint from pickup to delivery; these emissions are compensated for through environmental protection projects, including reforestation programmes, renewable energy, waste disposal, wind energy and other projects, which are supported by the logistics service providers themselves. The “Carbon Neutral” service is audited by a recognized auditing firm (for example: Société Générale de Surveillance).

To find out more about GLS projects for the environment, read on:

Returns on purchases

If the Customer finds anomalies during delivery (open or visibly damaged box), they can refuse the delivery, indicating the reason. They will have to contact Aurigane S.r.l. at the email within 5 working days describing the reason for the refusal. If the package is damaged in transit but is still accepted, Aurigane S.r.l. cannot be held responsible for damages subsequently claimed by the Customer; the latter must therefore send the sender photographic documentation certifying the damage detected to allow Aurigane S.r.l. to open the claim against the Courier.

The same procedure will also be carried out in the event that the Customer finds the goods defective and/or non-compliant with the order placed.

No compensation can be requested from Aurigane S.r.l. in case of damages due to delay, interruption, total or partial suspension of deliveries. The same also applies in cases of delays, interruptions or suspensions due to causes that can alter the procurement and distribution process such as: work interruptions, union unrest, delays attributable to suppliers, energy shortages, suspension of transport, etc. 

Right of withdrawal

Aurigane S.r.l. guarantees the Customer the right to change their mind and to return the purchased product within the terms established by law, with the exception of personalized products on which only returns for defects or discrepancies from the order are possible.

To exercise this right, the Customer must send a written communication to the address, within the terms of forfeiture established by law. The Customer will then have to wait for the confirmation email from Aurigane S.r.l. and return the purchased goods, at their expense, to the following address:

Aurigane S.r.l. 
(Pleyers® Customer Service)
Via dell'Economia 32
36100 Vicenza (VI) - Italy

The right of withdrawal is in any case subject to the following conditions:

  • the right applies to the product purchased in its entirety;
  • the purchased goods must be intact and returned in their original packaging, complete in all their parts (including packaging and any documentation);
  • the affixing of labels or adhesive tapes directly on the original packaging of the product should be avoided in all cases;
  • the despatch costs relating to the return of the goods are charged to the Customer. In case of return from non-EU countries, all costs relating to transport, customs clearance and VAT are charged to the consumer;
  • until the certificate of receipt is returned to our warehouse, despatch is under the complete responsibility of the Customer.
  • in case of damage to the goods during transport, Aurigane S.r.l. will notify the Customer of the incident (within the 5th day of receipt of the goods in its warehouses), to allow them to promptly file a complaint against the courier chosen by them and obtain reimbursement of the value of the goods (if insured); in this case, the product will be made available to the customer for its return, simultaneously cancelling the request for withdrawal;
  • Aurigane S.r.l. is not liable in any way for damage or theft/loss of goods returned through uninsured delivery; upon its arrival (in the warehouse), the product will be examined to assess any damage or tampering not caused by transport. If the original package and/or packaging are damaged, Aurigane S.r.l. will deduct from the refund due a percentage, in any case not exceeding 10% of it, as a contribution to the recovery costs.


In the event that the Customer exercises the right of withdrawal, or in the case of refunds due, the amount will be returned directly to the current account, credit card or Paypal® account, depending on the payment method used when ordering.

Customs fees

Shipments to some countries, by way of non-exhaustive example: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, South Korea, Croatia, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain (Ceuta/Melilla), Spain (Canary Islands), United States, Switzerland, Tahiti, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, may be subject to customs charges which are established by the destination country's customs. Aurigane S.r.l. cannot predict the amount of these expenses, which will be borne by the buyer.


Returns are only accepted against purchases made on the website, while for orders placed directly at one of our physical stores, the Customer must refer directly to the Point of Sale.

Disadvantaged areas

The delivery times indicated refer to areas commonly served by our couriers; if you live in mountainous or difficult-to-reach areas, delivery times could be delayed, for which Aurigane S.r.l. can in no way be held responsible.